We're going into hibernation.

We're taking a break from the savage and ruthless t-shirt biz to pursue alternative means to save the God Damned World.

Don't think of this as lying down. It's more like crouching, really, where we maintain a position between prone and standing (if you were previously unaware of what crouching is). We aren't down for the count, and we'll spring back into the apparel enterprise when we're ready.

When will you come back?
We're not sure, but all of us at WSC. hope to return someday, in some form. We need a temporary hiatus to focus on some peripheral projects - endeavors that grew faster and larger and meaner than the Rock Hard Thighs of a God.

Why, Why, Why?
We were not ready to fly helicopters.

Thanks to everyone who wore our silly shirts. It was a hell of a fun year. See you on the other side.

Love is First an Inside Job,
Adam, Aaron, Brett

PS. Any currently open orders need not worry - your goods are still on the way.